See if your posture is causing you pain!

How would Life Change with less Pain?

Do you fight pain every day?

Renee can help you see why.

How would Life Change with more Movement and Energy?

Do you need more muscle and joint strength?

Renee can help build a stronger you.

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  • A crooked body makes your joints rub and your muscles work harder.
  • Targeted custom posture exercise movement will straighten your body.
  • A straight body renews balance and mobility while reducing pain.

The Hidden Problem

A crooked body can stop you from finding health.

The Solution

When you discover custom posture movements, you learn how to prevent pain, and how to keep your body strong, and moving well.

We will Develop Custom Targeted Goals

  • Is there something you would like to do in 3 months?
  • Are you losing an activity you love?
  • What could you do 10 years ago that you would like to do again?
  • Is healthy aging important to you?

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What people say about PainSweep: 

Rebekah Cox

My session with Renee was great. An hour in the privacy of my home, one on one across Zoom getting tailored advice, instruction,  and knowledge. That's pretty hard to beat!

Amy Beaver

Renee has helped me tremendously to understand my body, my posture, and my relationship with pain. She really took the time to evaluate my posture and gave me exercises that really targeted the muscles that needed strengthening in order to relieve my pain. I cannot recommend painsweep enough! It is so wonderful to live pain free!

Katrina Benton

Better posture is achievable. Try Pain Sweep I recommend Renee Olson.  She was so patient with me getting to download the app and setting my appointment online.  Renee is professional and educated in posture. They have a app you can download so you can do your work thru videos  and photos. this is Online so you don't need to go any where and you can do it any where you would like.  Better posture is only a click away.

Moveir Dance Studio Owner
Mark Tetro
Moveir Dance Studio Owner

I have been teaching ballroom dance for 18+ years. I struggle with tibial tendon dysfunction & capsulitis in my right foot, plantar fascia and hammer toes on both feet, torn meniscus in both knees, frequent low back pain, complications from multiple rib fractures, and now a double inguinal hernia. I stopped social dancing a couple years ago due to some of these issues. Over the past 4 years I tried physical therapy but unfortunately, did not get good results, therefore discontinued. I started working with Renee several months ago. I was quite surprised at how bad my posture and alignment was. I have already seen and feel substantial improvement in my flexibility, posture and have less pain while walking! Renee believes she can get me back on the dance floor. Based on the progress I've made so far, I believe this is possible. I highly recommend Renee and The Egoscue Method!

Janice Czarnopys
YMCA Childcare Provider

When I first started with Renee I only was able to get on the bed to do stretching. Renee was my teacher and my cheerleader. She's my motivator, inspirational. Even though I did it on my own she still was my cheerleader to keep moving.

I feel much better since I started like three or four months ago with Renee. And now today I can get on the floor with my yoga mat.

Exercise has helped me tremendously. I feel more flexibility. I can tell its working muscles I haven't worked in years, or ever at all. It shows the results and I can tell the difference.

Prior to beginning any fitness regime, please consult a physician. Although PainSweep makes no guarantees, many clients experience a noticeable decrease in pain. Although PainSweep may improve some musculoskeletal problems that are addressed through surgery, other conditions may require surgery. If you need surgery, please seek medical advice.