What is a Session?


A session is a meeting with you and your Posture Alignment Therapist. Most sessions last 40-60 minutes.

You will:

  1. Meet Renee online or in person
  2. Tell her about yourself, your body, and your goals
  3. Pose for 4 alignment pictures
  4. Try the movements and exercises Renee suggests, paying attention to how your body feels
  5. Go home with a short routine of exercise movements

Meet with a Posture Therapist

Meet one-on-one to work on your body.

We can do this in-person or on-line.

What we do

You will tell Renee about you and your body,

she will check your posture,

and you will walk through some movements.

Renee will watch how your body responds

and listen to your feedback.

What you Take Home

Based on your work together,

Renee will teach you a few exercise movements that 

strongly impact your body and your specific imbalances.

You take these home and do them every day.

What Happens Next

You should feel changes quite quickly.

Email Renee with feedback about what is working and what is not.

Then come back and repeat the process

until your body finds balance and you feel good.

Included in a Session:

1. Personal Alignment Evaluation

  • Your posture pictures
  • Your imbalances highlighted and explained

2. Posture Consultation

  • Valuable information about what bodies need
  • Personal counsel what you are missing

3. Professional routine build

  • Using Pete Egoscue's proprietary "ePete" software
  • Chosen to be achievable and effective
  • Created at your level
  • You and your Posture Specialist collaborative
  • Tailored to your specifications and preferences
  • Targeted and tested on your body imbalances

4. Permanent green routine

  • Re-use for years to come
  • Full instructions and links sent to your email to keep
  • Posture app with timers, instructions, and videos included* 

5. Follow up

  • Continuing personal communication available
  • Questions welcomed

*posture app will be available for the foreseeable future. No guarantee is made as to app permanence. Please download the emailed instructions to insure long term access.  

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