Learn to do the movements that make you feel better! Heal and rebuild mobility and strength.


We meet one-on-one. You tell me about you, what struggles you are having and what you would like to work on. I check your body alignment and teach you specific exercise movements for your body and your situation. You take them home and do them every day. Then we meet again. We check your alignment and progress, and we make adjustments. You go home and do it again and we continue the cycle till you have the results you want.


At times, and when there is interest, I host group get togethers so you can get to know and enjoy the company of other people doing posture therapy.


Stay tuned for group challenges. Coming soon!

PainSweep Sessions

PainSweep Time Based Packages

You will get the same one-on-one sessions as when you pay by session, but because you pay by time, you can come in as often as you need to based on how much interaction you need. I like it because there aren't gaps between visits, and sessions are shorter because you can always come again when needed. 

  • 11 Week Package 
  • 4 Week Package

8-Session Package 

8 one-on-one sessions. Paying by session allows you to only pay when we meet. Understand what your body needs, get routines, and work to build habits that improve how you feel. 

Posture Evaluation 

Meet with Renee on-line for a free 30 minute consultation to see if posture exercises could help you.

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Schedule a free evaluation or a phone call to learn if you could benefit from posture exercises and how to get started.