Learn to do the movements that make you feel better! Heal and rebuild mobility and strength.


We meet one-on-one. You tell me about you, your history, and restrictions and any pain you struggle with. I check your body alignment and teach you specific exercise movements for your body. You take them home and do them every day. Then we meet again. We check your alignment and progress, and we make adjustments. You go home and do it again and we continue the cycle till you have the results you want.


Group get togethers on Zoom where we work together on posture. Please sign up if you are interested and I will contact you with details.

Posture Evaluation  FREE

It all starts with an evaluation. Meet with Renée on-line for a 30 minute consultation to see if posture exercises could help you.

Foundations  $400 for 4 weeks 

Learn the basics of good posture.

  • Get exercises to improve your biggest imbalances, and start feeling good again.
  • Work to get out of pain.
  • Start feeling and moving well.

We meet weekly until this foundation has a good start.

Strengthen  $400 for 8 weeks 

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 'Foundations'.

  • Build for success.
  • Continue and maintain your foundation.
  • Build strength, balance, and longevity to last.

Once you are feeling better you can begin to strengthen and deeply establish the progress you have made. You can also begin to fully round it out by addressing less painful yet equally important supporting structures. We will also begin to talk about life habits and how to make balanced alignment an easy natural part of your life.

Thrive  $100 per session

Prerequisite: Successful completion of 'Strengthen'.

  • We will continue to strengthen and solidify your positive changes.
  • We will work towards your long term goals and life aspirations in strength, and physical abilities.
  • Renew a favorite sport. Build new activities and friendships. Build habits that use your new abilities to make them stronger.
  • You will work to find, develop, practice, and solidify long term habits you like and that fit you.
  • You will increase your understanding and ability to plan your own workouts and know what you need.

Frequency varies per individual. We are happy to discuss recommendations.

Toe Dippers  $15 

If exercise has not worked for you but you know you need it, this is for you. A 5-day mini sample : just 5 minutes of posture exercise movements a day. Check it out. Love it and go on to other classes, or just do it to check it out.

Meet as a group for 15 minutes on Monday and Friday. Dates and times based on group preferences.

Posture Mini Blitz  $35 

A 2-week easy challenge to try a short routine of posture exercises. If you might want to do Posture exercise, this will be a perfect way to start. If you don't know if you are interested, this is a great low commitment opportunity to see what it could be like.


We will meet twice a week and do 4 posture exercises I teach you together. You will get instructions and videos to do them yourself the days we don't meet.

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